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About Intermark

I have shared here a video of three friends from Colorado and their incredible trek to Cordillera Huayhuash Peru because it embodies the spirit of what adventure, grit, determination, and the wonder of the unknown really means. We Coloradans, and Intermark, embrace this sense of fearless feats everyday, even if it is with tools other than mountain bikes.

My tools of choice have been the Internet and Code. My trek started in 1993, when the Internet was the unknown "Wild-Wild-West". What we did then was difficult and not maintainable, nor scalable. Here is a link to an irreverent BIO of mine.. Here is another example of where that trek has taken me. Intermark has been on the Web since 1994, a total of years! In the interim I have built a lot of Websites, written a lot of code, implemented a lot of Business Logic and Web Applications. The trek was arduous and fraught with peril, but there is nowhere else on Earth or Ethernet I would have rather been!


This is the tale of "Been-There-Done-That":

  • 1991 - Formed Intermark, LLC before I even met the Internet! Perfect choice of name, in retrospect!
  • 1993 - first time on a computer and saw the Interet on a Unix workstation using Mosaic 1.0 - I was Hooked!
  • 1994 - Bought the domain name intermark.com
  • 1995 - PC Magazine Award - one of the World Wide Web's "Best and Hottest" Websites.
  • 1997 - CIO of CSSA - Developed Software that combined Registration and Card Membership
  • 2001 - MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
  • 2001-present - The rest is history!
Easy Code

Make the Web Paradigm Phenomenal.

That may not be the easiest Mission Statement to remember. It doesn't roll off the tongue. However, that is truly the mission of Intermark, LLC. Over the years, I have seen continual change on the Web. Not all of it has made the Web phenomenal. That's why it keeps changing. By embracing the good parts of the "leading-bleeding-edge" I want to shift the paradigm to phenomenal, not just new and different.

Home page

Intermark's vision is an Internet where Websites and Web Applications are beautiful, compelling, load quickly, and just work on all form factors and devices.

Our skills

Backend Code/Databases/JavaScript/Web Applications

Our services

  • SEO/SEM/Analytics.
  • Webdesign.
  • Code/Databases/JavaScript/Web Applications.

Our values

  • Stakeholders have input and transparency.
  • Responsive, maintainable, and scalable design.
  • Clean code with no "code-smells".


Satisfied Clients


Web Applications.

Meet our team (if we had a team!)

Han Solo


Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance. He and his co-pilot Chewbacca came to believe in the cause of galactic freedom, joining Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in the fight against the Empire.

Luke Skywalker


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Princess Leia

Team Leader

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Jabba Hut

Lead Developer

Jabba the Hutt was a notorious gangster and crime mobster. His dirty dealings included illegal spice trading, smuggling, slave trading, assasination, and piracy.

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