Does Positive Thinking Count?

By Ramona Eid | December 22, 2016

When I was young I was told not to be a Nervous Nelly. Don't be a what, you say?! I found out it means to look at the half-full glass and not the half-empty glass of life. That advice has been good for me ever since, as it turns out, in more ways than one.

John Hopkins researchers, headed by Lisa R. Yanek, conducted a study in 2014 that showed positive thinking is good for your heart. The study found that positive people, even those with a family history of risk factors for coronary artery disease, were 13 percent less likely to have a heart attack or other coronary event than their negative counterparts. That is an astounding statistic!

The medical correlation to positive thinking is a little murky, but is most likely linked to the inflammatory factors induced by stress over the long term. It is an indication of how important it is to learn to deal with stress and anxiety levels on a daily basis. Once you have managed the stressors in your life, it will not only help your heart and health, most other aspects of your life become easier as well.

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What About Programming?

In the world of programming having a positive attitude when asked to solve a problem is invaluable. You tend to remain open to possibilities because you approach the problem with the predetermined idea that, "Yes! This can be done!" Therefore, the chance for success is greatly increased.

Not only does your positive attitude impact the success of the project, your approach to setbacks, roadblocks, and mistakes turn those into teachable moments instead of failures. In fact, mistakes are arguably the best learning tools you have, because once you make a mistake, you tend to remember it much more vividly and thus don’t repeat it. Embrace mistakes, but remember to learn from them.

One of the sayings I live by is, “I never met a problem I did not yearn to solve.” It is always more about the journey than the destination. Along the journey, I anticipate discovering lots of insights, climbing many mountains, fording many streams, and maybe even slaying a few dragons along the way! I emphatically love a challenge. That’s the part of the effort that makes it fun and exciting, and thus reinforces that my power of positive thinking is the correct strategy. If you are a positive person, you will probably live longer, and possibly make a phenomenal programmer!


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