3 Most Important Words in Tech

By Ramona Eid | January 8, 2017

Understanding. Maintainability. Scalability. Those are the three most important words in tech. What they mean to You, your Clients, and your Code will help you to remember them.

1. Understanding.

You: As a Developer, you must understand the underlying technology of whatever you are trying to implement, and not just the mechanics. The mechanics can and will change over time. Your understanding of how the technology works will enable you to adapt to those mechanical changes. It will also help you to adapt when you are presented with slightly different requirements than you are used to dealing with.

Client: You will need a deep technical understanding of what you are implementing on behalf of your Clients in order to explain to non-technical stakeholders what you are doing. I always approach such conversations with the paradigm of explaining technical details to a six-year-old. If you cannot do that, your understanding is not yet good enough.

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Code: Your Code will naturally improve once you gain a deep understanding of the technology you are implementing. You can more easily adapt your code as the underlying technology evolves and changes.

2. Maintainability

You: As you architect the Project Solution, maintainability must be at the forefront of every decision you make.

Client: An important aspect of your Project architecture is to allow your Client to easily maintain the portions of the Project they are responsible for. They are usually responsible for all Content in the Project. Often, a CMS like WordPress is the most logical platform for your Client to maintain their portion of the Project.

Code: I cannot emphasize enough the critical importance of maintainability of your code. It is important to you, your team members and to any future developers brought onto the Project. Your code should be self-documenting, and in those cases where it cannot be, you should document your code so that even your future-self five years from now can step into the codebase and add additional requirements specified by the Stakeholders or even by the changing technology.

3. Scalability

You, Client, Code: It is easy to overlook scalability in the current requirements of the Project. But what if your Website suddenly becomes the hottest site on the Internet? Isn’t that what everyone wants to happen?! Make sure you architect that joyous occasion into your Project! Scalability built into the Project will ensure a smooth transition to growth and changing requirements by the stakeholders.

Success Is In The Details

The success of your Project is in the details of how you architect and implement your Project. With the three most important words in tech, Understanding, Maintainability, Scalability, always in the forefront of your decisions, your Project will be a success!

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Transparency - The Forgotten Word

Transparency is critical for your stakeholders. If you are transparent about your methodologies, your timelines, and your dedication to these three words, everyone wins in the end. Happy coding!


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